Fazerart © is the creation of Artist Victor Bridges. His latest work effort is a comic family called "The Grays". They are an advanced, humanoid species that hail from the planet Mars where their entire civilization is subterranean. (By the way, they really are annoyed with the little rovers we keep sending, they interfere with their holographic reception.) The father, Marvin Gray, holds several doctorates from the prestigious Martian University and the Alpha Centauri Institute -where Marvin's work on Dark Energy Propulsion Systems is known throughout parsecs 2, 3 and 4 in our universe. He is light years ahead of his colleagues. He also enjoys Karaoke.

Marvin's wife, Jennifer Gray, is an Intergalactic Dancer and has appeared on Holographic shows in the Crab Nebula such as, "Dark Matter Dancing" and "Dancing in the Stars". She convinced Marvin to take an early retirement and bring the family to Earth where they could enjoy the "simple life". Their children, Shaydsa, Joel and Baby Earl Gray, should be in school but their IQ levels are 360. However, both Marvin and Jennifer insist that they attend school in order to learn about humans and their culture.